Art Direction

Fetish Factory

I've been working with the Fetish Factory since mid 2011. First as a full time employee until 2014, then later on as a Freelancer. During my time here I oversaw a massive rebrand that saw the company move away from a dated late 90s / early 00s design trends and updated their websites, which weren't updated since '95.

I felt my edgy and bold style could translate well to Fetish Factory's rebrand. The company has attracted a wider audience of customers and party goers since the rebranding, due to the efforts of the social media and advertising departments. Focusing further on creating social relationships and putting forth a visual identity that is both modern and bold.

Path Medical

During my time at Trispark Media as project manager & art director, Path Medical Center was placed on my desk for a rebrand and new website. My team and I created a cohesive single visual identity and a massively successful website for the company.

Keeping it blue and professional was the only guidelines I received, which was both a blessing and a curse. We went with a clean and cool multi-shade blue and stark white. The ease of use back-end allows quick manipulation of data to suit the clients ever changing locations and practioners with a custom CMS editor built for the client. This rebrand was a hugely successful endeavour, theyre currently updating their logos outside of their clinics.


Experimental metal band Absolver approached me for art direction in early 2017. They knew my love for heavy metal and, as close friends, we came up with some special artwork that beautifully represented their aggressive but while maintaining a mysterious and enigmatic presence. It was easy to do the traditional bloody or monsterous imagery, but the band wanted something more esoteric and cerebral to compliment their music.

We came up with packaging, Tshirts, video content (coming soon) and branding for their release in mid-2017 Oscillate Thy Tongue (And Howl at the Sun). The band asked to update their logo to look more fierce just after the release of Oscillate in preparation for their EP Ashen Ritual.

Law Offices of Kanner & Pintaluga, P.A.

I over saw a rebranding and redesign of Kanner & Pintaluga, P.A.'s website while acting as art director at Trispark Media. Our tasks include updating their site to modern standards and design trends, along with a new logo (they chose to keep their previous logo however).

Ultimately, site functionality and performance was radically increased from the previous point in the hands of a freelancer. Customer calls and a newly implemented PPC campaign turned sent the firms revenue off the charts.

Broward Noise Ordnance

Monthly experimental music event "Broward Noise Ordnance" is quite a sight to see. The event features perfomers of all ages playing unconventional setting in a DIY and often grimey dive bars or art galleries. I knew to make their look feel authentic I'd have to pull in some attention grabbing (ie. Shocking) artwork into their fold. After a few events worth of flyers and branding, we found the perfect look in a grunge noir-esque stark black and white, almost DADAist look. The brand is filled with abstract collage and clean typography, mostly used for posters and digital ads. The ads are pretty striking in clubs and facebook feeds.

KKJ Terrazzo Flooring

Flooring company KKJ Terrazzo approached me for their branding, photography, logo and website. I had my network of artists immediately get to work under my guidance. Soraya Mejia (CEO) was a previous coworker and trusted my artistic judgement and gave us free reign of artistic direction.

The company garnished such a clientele from the marketing efforts that they were able to open up a brick and mortar location in Ft Lauderdale! Its awesome to see projects grow from an idea to a reality.