Designer & Art Director

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Christopher Lombardo, an Art Director & Designer that found his muse through music. I've been happily trapped in Photoshop, After Effects, or a Music DAW for what seems like eternity. I began my creative journey when I was 15 years old in an effort to create graphics for a terrible punk band I was trying to start. The music never fruitioned with that band, but a love of branding & design did!

I truely hope you find my work striking and versatile. Lets collaborate on something new!


Adobe CC Suite, Microsoft Office, Keynote, Wordpress, HTML5/CSS3, 3ds Max, After Effects CC, Resolume, TouchDesigner, Max / MSP, Ableton Live, Pro Tools. PC/Mac Expertise.


Bachelors of Science Visual Effects & Motion Graphics - Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale July 2007 - September 2011

Certificate in Graphic DesignGraphic Design - Sheridan Technical Center August 2006 - June 2007

Freelance Clients

Moldover, Candlebooth LLC, GoDataFeed, Metal Swarm, Fetish Factory, Convert IT Marketing, Broward Noise Ordnance, Churchills Pub, XYZA Collective,DJ Cyclone, CT Music Group, Doug Stanhope, Premium GlassTinting, Ft Lauderdale Tackle & Hunting, Circle - Alt Nights, 411 Pain, Hot Whiskey, Section Twenty-Seven Netlabel, Coastal Pro Painting, Broward Chiropractice Group, Toxic Trace Apparel, Paul Triana Salons & so many more!